With Eyes Closed And Dreams Awake

What is life? A frenzy. What is life?

An illusion, a shadow, a fiction;

and the greatest good is small;

that all life is a dream, and dreams are dreams .

Calderón de la Barca

Dreams, like almost everything that makes us up, fulfill an extraordinary function in our life when they are in balance and harmony with it. There are as many dreams as there are people on our planet; What happens is that, frequently, out of fear, shame or discouragement, we tend to put a lock on our ability to dream, locking it in for fear of being hurt, thus giving up a wonderful part of our being.

We take the key that opens dreams, we throw it into the sea and, if it comes back, we throw it back. So, without realizing it, each time we pick it up we get a little bit older, without making ourselves wiser or happier.

It is a silent and stubborn process that goes against our nature and threatens our hope. But not a foolish hope, but a wise and moving hope: the one that precisely makes us human and awakens us to live a new day and not to suffer a new journey.

In addition, while we enclose dreams and hope, in the steel thread of the same padlock we also include imagination and the ability to plan. We banish anything that is not routine and begin to respond with relief when photocopies of the calendar machine come out one after another.

There are people who are not so radical and who always look ahead setting easy goals, goals that do not involve the sacrifice of the “normality” that they try to maintain .  They fear losing the low self-esteem they have and seek to minimize, above all, the chances of not achieving a goal the first time or in a short space of time.

These people are the ones who would  only get on a boat if they knew beforehand that the wind was going to blow in their favor, that there was not going to be a storm and that the captain with the most experience of the navy was in command of the boat; They are those who do not take risks for fear of not winning and those who do not walk for fear of stones.

But, as you know, there are other types of people, they would be those who have dreams closely related to highly selected objectives, truly exciting, and that pose a challenge to their abilities.

Inside of trunk of illusions, We could say that two types of dreams coexist: those that are intended to be achieved in the short or medium term and those that have to do with a future that they build little by little.

These two types of dreams are fundamental, since some provide us with continuous and extraordinary learning and strength, while the others roughly draw the sketch of a life that we are passionate about and love.

Finally, there are people who never set foot on the earth. In other words, they live more in the future than in the present. Their dreams are usually very big, but also not very elaborate and motivating, that is to say, little directed to action.

These types of people are what we all know as dreamers. Souls who live in a constant roller coaster of emotions far from the current configuration of their lives. In this sense, they are big children whose character is usually innocent and their attitude is passive to the present .

They can’t stand routine and their favorite activity is to start new things, aspects that they share with our second type. But they are true lovers of the beginning, and thank goodness, because projects that end are very rare. In addition, those who conclude usually demand a very strong exercise of discipline and an exercise of self – control to which they are not used.

We have described three types of dreamers as if they were three colors, but the truth is thatmost of us do not meet any of the profiles exclusively, although we can get closer to one than the other.

In fact, it is most likely that depending on the moment in which we find ourselves and the facet or the area to which we refer, we will get closer to one place of the “dream triangle” than to another, thus favoring our plurality and growth.

What does seem is that the happiest people would be those of the second type, those who fight to the end; In any case, if we approach the first or third type, it seems that the third fits more with our essence and restlessness, allowing us to make free use of our wings.

Thus, although the ability to dream is within us since we are born, what is clear is that it is in our power to make our dreams come true or leave them in a trunk. Because if everything is illusion, let’s choose the most beautiful illusions and put our wings to the test, as they are the only ones that allow us to feed our freedom, soar through the sky and cultivate our spirit by learning the language of the moon. 

Because only when you understand the language of the moon do you begin to understand the importance of feeding on colored clouds and breathing the light of the stars …, and all with the certain illusion of being doing what you really want …

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