Who Feels More Pain, The Man Or The Woman?

“Behind every beautiful thing, there is some kind of pain.” This is how Bob Dylan, the famous singer, speaks , behind whose songs a deep suffering seems to hide. Now, who feels more pain, be it more or less beautiful, the man or the woman?

Historically, women have been associated with a greater ability to endure pain. That is why biological predispositions such as menstruation, pregnancy or childbirth itself are usually associated with a certain degree of suffering. What’s more, it has always been said that “if men had to go through this …”.

“If I had the possibility to choose between the experience of pain and nothingness, I would choose pain”

-William Faulkner-

Who feels more pain?

We already know that the gossip and traditions are many. But today science has advanced enough to study just about everything. However, no real research can be done on who a puncture hurts the most, since we have no human way of measuring the same sensation in different people without going outside the subjective field.

But pain, despite being an individual perception, has been the subject of various studies. One of the most famous, part of Stanford University. According to the researchers of this study, women tend to report more pain in a greater diversity of diagnoses when compared to the pain feedback reported by men. However, it seems rather quantitative, not qualitative. That is, it is not a gender-based reaction to a specific stimulus.

Furthermore, there are factors that could contaminate the conclusions derived from these results. For example, the fact that women tend to be more communicative than men. Thus, the boys, sparing in words, report less painful or less complete diagnoses. Another variable that could contaminate the results is the motivation of men not to show weakness, since this “is supposed” to be a characteristic of their gender.

The study on pain based on gender

Stanford scholars wondered who feels more pain, the man or the woman? In order to respond, they  collected information from more than 11,000 patients with circulatory, digestive, respiratory and musculoskeletal problems.

According to the data obtained, it seems that women reported a somewhat higher intensity than men. In fact, they created a scale from 1 to 11, and they scored one point above them. However, another black point attributed to this study is based on the biological differences between men and women and the diagnostic problems.

So who feels the most pain?

We already see that we still cannot answer this question. Who feels more pain, them or them? The truth is that studies also apply variables such as menstrual cycles, which cause endless discomfort in women. Thus, any study carried out should be carried out under equal conditions between males and females in a similar state. Otherwise, there are many values, such as the aforementioned menstrual cycles, that can adulterate the result.

However, there are reports that indicate, for example, that women go to the doctor more, and usually with more severe, lasting and frequent pain compared to men. Thus the subject, it also seems that women tend to suffer higher levels of stress, something that also adulterates any result, since it intensifies the sensation of pain.

More data on pain according to this study

On a curious note, it seems that men are more accurate in marking a particular spot where it hurts. Meanwhile, the women point out areas and not specific points. We also found other unique data, such as the existence of chronic pain, something more common in them. In fact, there are diseases such as fibromyalgia, almost exclusively of the female gender, which involves fatigue and muscle pain. This point aggravates the perception of pain.

In fact, men have the GIRK2 protein, which is supposed to help them cope with pain better. However, it seems that women have learned to live with their suffering, since they have endured higher levels of stress, menstrual cramps, childbirth, etc. for centuries.

“You have not reached the height of pain when you still have the strength to complain”

-Knight of Bruix-

Therefore, if we look at the study data, it seems logical to think that women suffer more pain than men. However, we cannot know which gender is able to better withstand the damage from the same stimulus. What does seem that they have learned better to live with their suffering.

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