What Is Annoying And Is Not Repaired, Is Repeated

There is no formula that we can use to prevent something that we dislike and that has become annoying from happening, since both happy and unhappy experiences are destined to occur at some specific time in our lives.

It is impossible and not feasible to want to always be well or for events to smile at us continuously, since the reality is that those events that have made us lament have also taught us: we are capable of getting up again and again because, at the same time, provided with the tools to withstand falls.

“There is no happiness, and of that I am sure, that can be obtained from escaping, much less from fleeing into the past.”

-Jorge Bucay-

Precisely for this last reason, we always need to face what bothers us and find a way to repair it. Let’s not forget that  if we have enough strength inside to withstand the bad we are equally resistant to face it and close it completely : remember that what is not tied well, always escapes from where it is and that has its consequences.

It is normal that you want to escape from the annoying

The temptation to escape from those we find annoying is almost always great. As human beings we have certain instincts and these dictate that, faced with the perception of a threat, the answers are two: either flight or fight. However, the majority of threats we face are no longer lions or snakes and therefore require a more complex response.

It is totally understandable that, if we have broken inside, we feel that the most feasible solution is to run away, while we want time to take care of letting things return to their normal course. In such cases, all we want is to be emotionally well again, without running the risk of breaking down further.

“When things break, it is not the fact that they break that prevents them from being repaired. It’s because small pieces have been lost, the whole shape is now deformed, everything has changed.


Collapse necessarily implies an inner change that we do not initially understand and that completely dislodges us. This change becomes annoying if, in addition, we do not manage to give it the importance and time it deserves: we have to rebuild ourselves again and that takes a process that we are obliged to follow so that the pain does not repeat itself when looking back.

What you escape from, accompanies you

We are obliged to follow the process because, if we try to flee from it, sooner or later we will realize that it has accompanied us to the place where we have gone. Even if we have tried to evade it by thinking of something else, we will not have eliminated it and it will still be there.

Running away probably gives us the ideal perspective to look at what happens to us in a different way, and that is good. What happens is that in the end we will always reach the same point: say goodbye to pain, find the will to listen carefully and decide to be brave in the face of the situation that does not allow us to continue.

What you don’t learn is repeated

When the time comes and we have known how to make amends for what was annoying, we will have learned much more than we can think at first : in any case we will emerge strengthened from these circumstances that have put us in the face of life in all its depth.

If, on the contrary, we allow that which blocks us to continue to be there, we will have our hands and feet tied to the ground and even if we think we are moving, we will not. Cowardice, in this case, is not being afraid of the problem, but not doing anything so that it does not overcome you, because the brave person is the one who decides to stand up to his monsters.

“What do we expect from a life with our hands tied behind our backs,

with a hidden cowardice,

with a smile from ear to ear at every slip

with all hope set on luck. “

-Pablo Benavente-

It will repeat what we leave abandoned to its fate, waiting for it to take its own shape and make us feel good again. He will continue to call us when we feel weaker and will not leave until we say goodbye completely: something that involves crying if necessary and behind a can.

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