Today I Will React In The Best Way

Today I will react in the best way … How many times have you reacted in a wrong way? Faced with negative situations that drive us to have to react, sometimes our self-control is completely lost.

To react in the best way, we must learn to control ourselves. We know that it is something very easy to say, but difficult to put into practice. How to act in the best way in a new situation, totally unknown to us?

“Have the courage to act instead of react”

-Oliver Wendell Holmes-

Reacting in the best way does not imply saying everything we think, what we know by “not mincing the tongue.” No, reacting in the best way implies being wise and also being a prudent person.

Reflect before reacting

There are various situations in which we have been forced to react. This can happen in the family, on staff, or even at work. It is difficult to establish specific guidelines to act depending on what is causing that negative reaction that you are having. There are many situations that can occur, many are still to be discovered. What can we do then?

When you are about to react, and you do, think about what suits you, what favors you, should you give in or not? These are turning points that you must keep in your mind at all times, because you must also look around you and see what situation you are in and where you are.

Also, having the expression “Today I will react in the best way” constantly in our mind can help us not to rush. It is not the same to react in a public place than in a more private one. It is also not the same to react with your friend as with your boss. We must take these things into account so that we are not harmed by our own reaction.

“If you have self-control and responsibility for yourself, you will be able to take charge of your situation.”

-Bernardo Stamateas-

Don’t give importance to negative moments

We always tend to give more importance to the negative moments that occupy our lives. The truth is that, since they hurt us, we tend to give them more importance. But, if you want to react in the best way today, start not giving them so much importance. Negative situations happen just as well as positive ones. What we have to do is not lose sight of our own confidence and positivism.

Do not let yourself be overcome by that negative situation. Even if today is going badly, keep going! Tomorrow things will be better and, if not, they will change. It is very important that you do not stubborn or focus so much on that situation of negativity. Think that negativity will only attract more negativity.

Ways to react

The best way to react is to change our view of the reaction itself. But, for this it is important that we know a little what three ways we have to react, normally:

  • We enter the sensation and live it intensely.
  • We try to ignore the feeling, but it costs us.
  • We strive to see things differently.

In principle, we have to say that the second way of reacting is the most negative. Ignoring feelings or our emotions is never going to be positive. Even if we ignore what we are feeling, that will continue to be there. Possibly, if we lie to ourselves believing that we no longer feel anything, ignoring that feeling, this late emergence mixed with other new sensations.

Therefore, the second way to react if we can avoid it better. If we live the emotion or sensation intensely, we can know it thoroughly and know how to proceed later. And if, finally, we strive to see things differently, we will be playing with several different points of view that can enrich our vision of things.

“I never analyze, I limit myself to reacting… I walk with all my prejudices. I never try to improve myself or learn anything. I am not one who learns, I am one who avoids “

-Charles Bukowski-

Today I will react in the best way acting

Changing the way we see things also means changing the way we see reactions. We react to something negative, but what if instead of reacting we act?

We tend to remain static in situations, thinking, eating the coconut and sometimes exploding for not being able to do more in that situation in which we feel powerless.

Starts to act. It is difficult, because we are very comfortable where we are, without taking risks. But, in the face of a negative reaction, change your mind and start acting. It may already be by leaving where you are, leaving the other to speak alone, getting away from those people who do you no good … or simply changing your situation.

Think about this and repeat it as many times as necessary until you can internalize it and manage to put it into practice: “today I will react in the best way, acting.”