Three Steps To Quickly Manage Stress

When stress increases in our life everything around us is influenced. Our friends, our coworkers or schoolmates, our partner and even our children suffer the consequences of our stresses, absorb them and return them in the form of more stress and tension for all. Little by little, the tensions are taking a toll on our health and our happiness.

Finding and applying a quick way to manage stress would be great for everyone, right? Applying the following three-step method will help you and those around you as well. It is so effective that you can teach it to those who generate tension around you so that, little, the environment is, as far as possible, less prone to stress.

#Step 1: Calm down

How? Get to know yourself, discover when you enter “stress mode” and what quick relaxation techniques work for you. It is essential that you know how your body reacts and that you identify the triggers that cause tension to adopt a more appropriate attitude. Perhaps breathing exercises, visualization, small meditations or leaving and entering the place to change a few seconds of air and see things when returning in another way will work.

Ultimately, do whatever it takes to calm down.

#Step 2: Face the problem in a positive way

Letting go of the problem is not a solution, just a quick way to get out of the way or to avoid creating additional stress while it is being fixed. But the problem will return and, what is worse, it will be generating and accumulating tension until then. Once you have calmed down, it will be much easier for you to focus on it in a positive way, if possible.

Facing problems in a positive way helps to take control over them, which means not feeling dominated or overwhelmed by them.

#Step 3: Create habits for stress management

If every time you face a problem that generates tension and stress you take steps to calm yourself down, little by little these actions will become habits that you will carry out almost without realizing it in stressful situations; Moreover, if the situations are repeated frequently, they will affect you less and less. Performing exercises to calm down at the moment that we are able to realize that the situation has overwhelmed us or trying to see things in a positive way, even after they have happened, will help to identify situations and reactions, that is, to get to know ourselves, and also to identify the way in which we can face these situations.

Is easier than it looks like. Little by little it can be achieved, although at first it may take a little effort, especially to recognize ourselves.

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