The Worst Sadness Is That Which Has No Witnesses

Sadness fits our spirit very well when we open it wide to it. If you find a growing hole, you can get to camp at ease.

But where she is most comfortable is in the context of loneliness. When we are alone, we have no qualms about not hiding it, about completely submitting to their opinions .

“Be careful with sadness, it is a vice”

-Gustave Flaubert-

On the other hand, that state of sadness can cause others to worry about you, call you, become interested in encouraging you, want to make you feel good again … But with that attitude they unconsciously reinforce your situation, since you decide to be alone, but you know that you are clothed.

You isolate yourself in a comfortable bubble of pain that others try to explode.

Sadness makes us feel bad but on the other hand it leads us to a false calm, immobility and comfort in pain. We feel that we do not want to take new risks.

Why does sadness become resistant?

They say that there is no worse addiction to a substance than that which occurs when the individual does not need anyone to consume it.

They no longer wait to be accompanied or to certain social contexts of leisure and accompaniment. His substance alone is enough to be able to find pleasure, so there are no rules or obstacles for consumption to become general at any time of the day.

With sadness it is the same as with a substance. If the person lives it alone and does not want to share it, they adhere to its existence without any parameter or obstacle. This is partly logical, since we do not want to make ourselves look dull and sad.

Therefore, we are entering a dynamic of isolation. If it lasts for a long time, we can cause depression to appear, the pain that becomes a shadow.

How to combat sadness?

In order not to reach that depressive state, it is convenient that sadness stops camping at ease. You have to make it more and more difficult:

  • For starters, stay away from the drama and the people who create it.
  • Start building pleasant situations in your life, with new people.
  • It is important that we are relaxed, for this it is important to know how to detect a friend who is not, and who at that time is less convenient for us.
  • Do more things you like: reading, music, sports, crafts…. none of this is a waste of time considering what we can lose if that sadness becomes chronic.
  • Vent if you have to, don’t feel ashamed. Go out and dare to be with people even if you don’t feel like it … the desire will appear by itself.
  • Do not close yourself to life. Analyze possible changes, even consider how to start from scratch without hurting others.

In short,  make things difficult for sadness !

Knowing how to leave space for sadness without it consuming you

Throughout our history we are going to live sad moments, it is irremediable. Allow yourself to cry, vent, be aware that you may faint at some point and you need solitude to live it.

But be clear that she will not leave you if you do not set limits and insist on getting out of her, because desires are not worth but the actions you take to leave her behind.

So cry, cry without witnesses if you want but do not forget that this must always have a duration, they are feelings that you should not repress but neither allow to nest in your soul.

Sadness is very comfortable in a lonely soul, nobody bothers it and it will not go away if you do not put a remedy.

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