The Stress Of The Housewife

Stress itself is a topic that we could spend hundreds of pages on. However, there are sectors of the population that are especially sensitive to its stress effects. We will refer, in this case, to the stress of the housewife.

Perhaps we think that the housewife, being a common occupation and working in the home environment, is an occupation that does not involve pressure. However, nothing is further from the truth, since the tasks that the people who perform it have to face are various and of great responsibility.

Considering as causes of stress the intensive work, the excess of responsibility, the absence of moments of leisure, etc. with good logic we will place the homemaker in a prominent place in potentially stressful professions. And it is that the housewife is exposed to a large number of stressors.

The housewife: a superwoman with superpowers

We can consider the housewife as a woman whose primary daily activity is caring for her family and taking care of the home. Therefore, there really are obligations in it that demand physical and mental effort.

As for the physical effort, perhaps it is not very intense. However, it is continuous, with few breaks, which entails great wear and tear. His physical exercise as an obligation (work) does not have a schedule that defines it. From the moment she wakes up until she goes to bed, she has a duty to be active to meet the needs of her family. From personal care to food, almost all tasks depend on the housewife. That, without going into those families in which there is a person in a situation of dependency : the responsibility for their care usually falls on the housewife.

At the same time, the housewife has to maintain order and cleanliness in her home. This activity never ends, as you have to do it daily. In addition, there is an aggravating factor: the feeling of useless work due to the ephemerality of the results. Sort to mess up later and reorder tomorrow.

The housewife makes a physical effort of great continuity

We have already said that the physical effort made by the housewife tends to be more a function of continuity than intensity. However, some people might assume (and not without reason) that their effort is also intense : moving furniture, carrying loaded bags, carrying a child in their arms …

It is true that the housewife has moments of rest. It also has the night to sleep. But can you really rest or can you? The housewife has to be alert to any unforeseen day or night, especially if there are small children who cry, demand or become ill.

All physical effort leads to body fatigue. Body fatigue leads to muscle fatigue and decreased activity due to exhaustion. The stress of the homemaker is compounded by these physical factors.

Housewife stress is also the result of psychic effort

It may be thought that the activities of the housewife do not involve great work for the mind. However, nothing could be further from the truth. You must think of a menu, you must calculate expenses, you must solve your children’s problems, etc. The challenges you have to face are many and varied.

There are many professions that have recognized this mental work: let’s talk about engineers, lawyers, project designers or air traffic controllers. However, if we analyze these professions and that of housewife in a molecular way, we will realize that tasks such as planning, resource management or communicative intelligence are important in both jobs.

On the other hand, psychic exertion leads to mental fatigue. Her ability to concentrate decreases, emotional instability appears, illusion erodes… Thus, the stress of the housewife is consolidated through the psychic effort to which she is exposed.

The housewife also has a life of her own

A housewife is, above all, a person. It has its conflicts, its emotions and other psychological ornaments of the human essence. What would happen if we added other types of stress to this stress base inherent to being a housewife (“unrelated to her condition”)?

Let’s consider that today many housewives, in addition to carrying all the burden of “home”, also work outside the home. In other words, we are talking about people who are able to perform two full-time jobs, with little or no help, and in many cases, with less understanding.

We are talking about deaf work, done in many cases by women that has only received an infinitesimal part of the recognition it deserves. It is precisely this feeling of being ignored that often acts as a catalyst for this stress, triggering the feeling of loneliness and isolation between the walls of the home.

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