The Present Is The Time Of A Sigh In Your Hands

The present makes us be or exist in a certain place. Although we sometimes underestimate it, everything we do in our present will be our personal heritage. The present is the time of a sigh in your hands, today you receive a world, tomorrow it will become your legacy.

Living in the present implies being aware of each situation, pushing ourselves with it and finding our eternity in each moment. The unwary stand on their island of opportunity as they look to other territories. There is no other territory, there is no other life but this.

The present is the time of a sigh in our hands and, sometimes, it escapes us because of a  future that tortures us and because of a past to which we give the power to enchain ourselves.

“Two monks pray continuously, one is worried, the other smiles. The first asks him: “How is it possible that I live in anguish and you happy, if we both pray the same number of hours?” The other responds: “It’s that you always pray to ask, instead I only pray to give thanks.”

Forever is composed of “now”

Although it is difficult for us to understand the physical dimension of time represented by the succession of states, life is now. There has never been a time when your life wasn’t now and there won’t be either. 

“Life is not in another place but in this place, not in another hour, but in this hour.”

-Walt Whitman-

The present is so ephemeral that in this line that you have just read it has already become the past. And the future is what you project while you think about what you will do over the weekend, instead of coordinating with your five senses to read what is in front of you. Only the present has the wonderful advantage of being able to be modified with our actions and decisions.

As we waste time over-thought in past or future situations, our present fades away like the time of a sigh in our hands. We must stop and think about how many things we stopped doing because of past memories or fear of the future.

“We are always preparing to live, but we are never living.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson-

Be present in all things and grateful for them

If our happiness in this moment consists mainly of reviewing memories and expectations, we will only be vaguely aware of this moment. Thus, we will continue to have a limited awareness of the present at the time things happen to us, when we can really enjoy them or learn from them, since we have formed the habit of looking back and forward.

The awareness of the future and the past makes us less aware of the present, we must begin to ask ourselves if we are really living in the real world. The present is the time of a sigh, today it seems eternal but tomorrow it will be ephemeral.

Staying present in our reality requires practice, since we have spent our entire lives giving free rein to thoughts that are not in it. Being grateful for what we have at this moment is a good first step towards becoming fully aware of the thousands of nuances in our daily lives, nuances that escape us because we are thinking about something that has already happened or something that has not even happened.

“Gratitude is the heart’s memory.”

-Lao Tse-

We could probably all be quite angry about something that happened to us, but why continue to be angry about something that is gone ? Be present in all things and grateful for them. The secret of health for the mind and body lies in not regretting the past, not worrying about the future and not anticipating problems, but living in the present moment seriously and wisely.

“Do not stop in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate your mind on the present”

-Buddha Gautama-