The Mourning For Your Pet, When Your Best Friend Leaves

We all know what it’s like to go through a grieving process. When a family member passes away or a loved one leaves, we need to have time to accept that that person will no longer be with us. But what happens when our pet leaves us? Grieving for your pet is still a topic that is rarely talked about.

In addition, many people who have never been able to count on the affection of an animal ignore what it means and therefore despise and undervalue it. Thus, the person suffering from grief is added another negative feeling, that of the lack of validation of their pain.

A cat, a dog, a rabbit, a turtleā€¦ they are not mere animals. When you adopt them they become part of the family.

A very little recognized duel

Perhaps, if you have been through a grief for your pet, you have met people who have said phrases such as “it is just an animal”, “adopt another”, among many others. This does not help the person who has just lost his most faithful friend. Can you imagine going to a funeral and saying the same about, let’s imagine, a baby that has just died? Is it feasible to say “don’t worry, you can have another one”? “Can you adopt a father or a mother”? have yours died?

The emotional impact that losing a pet can have is still underestimated. So much so that many are the people who do not feel or suffer if their best  friend, for example, is going through a grieving process caused by this loss. Moreover, sometimes, even talking about the subject is avoided because it is not given importance.

Mourn the loss

When we go through a grieving process for the loss of a loved one, the funeral rites  can soothe our pain, you can call around us people we need in these times. The support of the family, the act of burying or cremating him in a way that does justice and allows us to say goodbye as we should to that person offers initial comfort.

Thus, in some way, these rites create a context and an atmosphere in which pain can be expressed, accompanied and shared. But what about funeral rites for pets?

How many people would attend your pet’s funeral? Even today the losses of our most invaluable friends are still underestimated.

It is true that there are crematories for animals, just as there are unique cemeteries for them. Despite this, publicly saying goodbye to your great friend, as you could do to a person, is not similar at all. There is no procedure, a habit that implies that if your dog, cat, rabbit, or turtle dies, you have to say goodbye to him as he deserves.

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