The Generation Of The “y’s”

Much has been said about “the generation of children”. From a youth that neither studies nor works nor has the desire to do so. From a generation that does not care about the future because they enjoy a placid present that they consider eternal. Of some young people who left the institute because the work across the street needed staff and paid well, without taking into account that the work they were working on could be finished.

It has been said that that generation precisely ran face-to-face against the walls they were building and against the crisis of which without knowing it they were labor, like Eva when she bit the apple. Thus, the doors open to the labor market were slammed shut and the boys and girls returned to high school, almost by inertia and regardless of their vocation.

It does not matter if they wanted to continue studying or not, outside and without experience the labor market no longer wanted their meat. A meat that paid at the price of gold before while many tales of the milkmaid began to be told.

A generation with few opportunities

This is partly how we have ended up with the best-prepared generation in history and, although it may seem paradoxical, also with the one with the greatest school failure. We also have a generation of young people who have accepted with astonishing integrity the difficulties and requirements that companies ask to become part of their workforce. Thus, we have ended up with bakers who know five languages ​​and program in C ++ or with replenishers who have a Ph.D. in quantum physics.

We also have new apprentices, now called interns, who are the guarantee of survival for many companies. Qualified, motivated and very cheap people, who in many cases provide subsidies and prestige to the companies with which they collaborate. We are not going to say they work, because if they weren’t they would have to be reported, right? For example, recent in this sense is the controversy that has occurred with “the workforce” that many Michelin star restaurants have.

Of course, there are exceptions. Speaking in general is always being unfair to them. However, I wish there were more exceptions in the form of companies offering serious, specialized training, fairly remunerated and with job offers once that training was over. I wish there were more companies that understood that the trainees or apprentices they have are the future and invested in them with the inspiration and strength that comes from adopting this perspective as their own.

They lied to us and told us that if we were good and we made an effort studying, a world of great possibilities would open up for us. You believe it and then you realize that it is not like that, that the opportunities are for the friend of the person you hire. In this sense, who spent a lot of time on the street making friends has a lot of cattle.

A hope for this generation

I think this generation of young people deserves good opportunities. He deserves it because he has accepted the harsh rules of the game with which he has to seek a future. Because, in general, she is aware that opportunities are few and has been willing to seek them. Because he has not blamed the generations that have preceded him for dwarfing his hope or for judging them harshly and often with incomprehension.

We are talking about a group of young people who are prepared, but above all about a group of young people with a lot of desire and who do not hesitate to go where a small space of light opens up. A job in the mornings, another in the afternoons, a master’s degree while and German for free time. We are certainly talking about the generation that has had more technological means, to which they have sold an idea of ​​stability to, for example, start a family, which is very difficult to achieve.

For this reason, this generation of young people can be blamed for many defects, but not that they do not work or do not seek opportunities. Not that they are not willing to sacrifice their time, their friends or even their partners to go to live in another city where there is a space for them. The past times were perhaps better in many aspects, but staying there is seeing only a part of reality that does not do justice to the present that we have all had to live.

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