The Boy And His Soul Pet

One of the most unknown and wonderful French writers, Anatole France, uttered a phrase that touches the heart: “until you have loved an animal, a part of your soul will be asleep”. That is why the child and his pet are capable of creating bonds that nothing and no one can ever break.

It is true that love is one of the most wonderful feelings that the heart of a human being can have. But it is not exclusive. Also the animals are able to feel with as much or more passion and intensity than us.

The importance of the bond between the child and his pet

Since having the unconditional love of an animal is a wonderful gesture, it is important to think about favoring the adoption of a pet that serves as a bond for our little ones and brings them values ​​and happiness. In addition, being yours, it is another “excuse” so that little by little responsibilities are acquired.

“Who could believe that there is not a soul behind those enlightened eyes”

-Theophile Gautier-

In this sense, one of the organizations that has most studied and defended the advantages of allowing our children to develop together with a pet is the Affinity Foundation. This organization has carried out a good number of studies in which they demonstrate the importance and benefits of the animal bond.

From its conclusions, innumerable benefits are extracted for our children, since it usually improves the quality of life of the whole family, the reduction of stress, the index of depression and even the physical and mental balance.

The relationship between a child and his pet

In the case of children, according to studies carried out by the aforementioned foundation, there are also a series of benefits that will allow our children to be fuller, happy, autonomous, responsible and loving. So let’s see how the child’s educational and social development improves:

  • A child who has a pet that he adores is usually responsible for its care and feeding in an autonomous, altruistic and generous way. Obviously, all these values ​​are enhanced thanks to the bond with the animal.
  • The child who feels responsible for an animal and enjoys its care greatly improves his self-esteem. The boy feels useful, knows that he is doing a good job and gains a lot of confidence in his possibilities and abilities.
  • The good environment generated by the relationship between a child and his pet also allows this little one to improve his family integration. An animal can be a very strong bond between the members of a group.
  • The fact that a boy learns to respect his pet from a very young age will also allow him to become aware of the need to respect other people, his environment and the environment.
  • The boy who takes care of his pet knowing that he does it well wins in safety and competence. In this way, you will feel more responsible, but at the same time with a better emotional balance. In fact, 46% of the little ones consider their animal companion a very strong source of emotional support.
  • A pet is an excellent support for the little one in bad times. Sadness or fear are mitigated thanks to the company of the animal, who offers himself unconditionally to help his young friend.

“There is no better psychiatrist in the world than a puppy licking your face”

-Ben Williams-

How to create the bond between the child and his pet

To create a bond between a child and a pet, we must take into account a number of important precepts:

  • It cannot be forced. It has to come naturally. However, if the boy takes on responsibilities such as ensuring that the animal eats, has clean water or is well washed, the bond will appear.
  • On walks, it is important that the little one accompany the adult and participate in the experience. This will also help to create the link naturally.
  • In addition to responsibility, the child must recognize the pet as a source of games and entertainment. In this way, both will forge an indissoluble and very enriching union.

Other information of interest about children and pets

According to studies carried out by the Affinity Foundation, those who had contact with pets in childhood tend to have fewer problems in interpersonal relationships, are more cheerful and motivated, and tend to feel less threatened.

It is a good idea to get a child and their soul pet to create an indissoluble bond that will mark their lives  and make them happier, fuller and more cheerful. A beautiful gesture that will accompany us forever.

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