Self-motivation: 7 Keys To Promote It

Where does self-motivation come from? That real and powerful force that leads you to make extraordinary efforts to achieve your goals. Who does not know that famous cry of Rafa Nadal? That “Let’s go!” That he yells himself when the game gets tough. Where does that feeling of being capable come from? Our inner voice is responsible.

This voice, that of self-motivation, has the power to get us to do those daily actions that cost us the most, such as going to work, studying, going for a walk … Also our mind, our thoughts have enough strength to excite us and feed passion with which we begin the path towards our objectives.

It is estimated that, on average, the mind processes 60,000 thoughts a day. That is, about 40 thoughts per minute.  We think and mentally react to circumstances or moments that we live depending on innumerable emotional variants. Many of these thoughts go unnoticed, others we try to retain when they try to escape and others, without realizing it, become part of our reality.

We start from a very young age to form opinions about ourselves and our environment. Opinion is defined as an idea, judgment or concept that a person has or is formed about something or someone.

The opinions are respectable, they come from the diversity of each individual. That does not mean that every opinion is true!  Objectively, it is impossible to get those 60,000 thoughts that we talked about before. They are simply personal judgments, with no guarantee of validity. Many of these thoughts and opinions help us to reflect, to inspire us, they are part of self-motivation … others sabotage us by distancing us from our well-being, becoming factors that demotivate.

Self-motivation and motivating factors

However, for these “demotivating factors” there are others that motivate us, drive us and make us feel capable. How to create that impulse with which to positively influence our mood ? How to make our “motivators” weigh more? How to feel capable without needing external voices?

Our motivating factors: 7 keys to self-motivation

We are going to encourage them and create that self-motivation so necessary to face any challenge that you propose in your life:

Inner dialogue

In order not to receive any thought as an immovable truth,  create a healthy internal dialogue.  We need to differentiate which thoughts will help us in our goals. Yes, at first it costs a bit. You can create an imaginary character, name it and have a dialogue. Sometimes you will have to set limits, others calm him … but over time you will be able to create a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Become aware of your state of mind

We live within our moods, some more productive and constructive than others. Self- compassion will help you get through difficult times, knowing that when you decide, you have tools to change them. Practice exercises that connect your mind and body, such as Yoga or Mindfulness.

Go from obligations to decisions

How many thoughts start with a “I have to” … It is time to make decisions and change them for a “I will”. Make a list of those “I have to …” and you will see that many come from routines that you have created, inherited customs or rules that are not really necessary in your day to day. How many of those “I have to …” are really a personal decision?

Work on your personal values

Personal values ​​are deep convictions that determine your way of being and guide your behavior. When they move into action and behavior they are very powerful. For each “demotivating factor” there is a personal value that balances, that empowers you.

Create a positive learning attitude

You are from this world, if what we want is self-motivation, the obsessive search for perfection does not help in the long run. In this sense, a positive attitude towards learning considers error as part of the process. You learn and adapt. The moment you accept your imperfection, you take the first step towards excellence.

Work excellence

When we work this skill as a habit, the satisfaction of achieving what you want without comparison begins; You do not need to compete with anyone, because excellence seeks that you improve every day. With demand, but also with understanding.

Trust and have faith in yourself

Trust yourself, start small. Not because in the past you tried and failed, it means that now you can’t. Have faith, because in each moment, we do it in the best way that we know, otherwise at that moment, it is impossible. Believe in yourself, you don’t need to be a Rafa Nadal, but do keep in mind that famous cry of his and…. Let’s go!!

Remember something important, self-motivation is born from within, building from the strengths and virtues that each and every one of us has. Do not give up on the first try, or the second, or the third … With each step you take, show yourself that you can improve. Do not underestimate yourself. Errors will be present in your life, it is up to you to turn them into valuable learning. As long as you have the will to transform them into strengths, failure will never exist.

Self-motivation is born in the present. It is at that very moment where faith in your possibilities will be the seed for this phrase by Abraham Lincoln to be part of your path.

“I do the best that I know how, to the best of my ability and I intend to continue to do so until the end”

-Abraham Lincoln-