Medicine People: 7 Traits That Characterize Them

Medicine people are happy and motivating, they infect us with their attitudes and they make us feel good for a certain time being by their side. This is explained by the so-called mirror neurons, which are those that allow empathy and work by imitating the emotions of others that capture our attention.

In our state of mind, and therefore in our health, not only our emotions influence, but also those of the people with whom we interact, since without knowing it  we use the energy of those around us. Experts such as John Mattone, assure that it is important to choose well our closest environment and know how to surround ourselves with people who add and allow us to develop.

Medicinal people fit these characteristics, they are people who transmit energy and help us to travel our way more proactively. It is necessary to ask ourselves what actions, events or people give us a positive energy state.

If attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?

The people around us influence our mental hygiene

When you are with your friends do you feel better? This happens because good friends improve our quality of life and our mental hygiene. Researchers from Brigham Young University in the United States, concluded, after studying 300,000 people for seven years, that affective personal relationships function as a protective barrier, since they activate the immune system and reduce the risk of suffering diseases, both psychological and physical.

People with a wide circle of friends reduce their risk of dying by up to 22%. This concludes a study conducted over a decade with more than 1,500 people and published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

In other research at the University of California the result was even clearer. Carried out in 2006, with more than 3,000 women who had cancer of the breast, this study showed that women who had no close friends were four times more likely to die because of their disease than those with ten or more friends . In short, having friends, specifically good friends,  modifies the functioning of the brain,  especially in the area associated with rewards.

What are people medicines? They are nothing but love.

7 traits that characterize people medicines

Medicinal people are characterized by:

  • They are people who listen, do not judge. They do not exercise any kind of manipulation and observe people as they are, without wanting to change them. Medicine people respect your story.
  • They are consistent with what they do, think, feel, and say. They are committed people who create awareness through their actions.
  •  They are people who want to meet you, but not in a nosy way. They respect your space and your moments, they are extremely prudent.
  • They are caring and kind people. They stand out for their human value.
  • They are  positive people. Medicine people view life with the side of goodness. Their company is a gift and you are looking forward to meeting them again.
  • They set up a protective environment. Nobody can deprive us of having bad moments, but it is clear that if we have a healthy environment, those spaces will be more adjusted to situations that require it.
  • They spread healthy emotions. The contagion effect of emotions is more than evident. When you are in the company of a pessimistic person, day after day, it is possible that at some point you feel drawn into that current. On the contrary, when you are surrounded by optimistic people, you experience feelings of well-being more easily thanks to the mirror neurons.

In one way or another, medicine people fill this world with light and are a huge, strong and wonderful support for all humanity. They are undoubtedly an example for all of us who would like to care for and help the people we love.

“As the rays of that little spark plug reach far, so a good deed shines in a wild world.

-William Shakespeare-