Living An Authentic Life In A Contradictory World

The world is not a perfect place; in fact, we live surrounded by contradictions in all social spheres. Spirituality, morality, tolerance, solidarity … are concepts that do not mean the same thing to everyone and that acquire importance only by virtue of what interests those who interest.

How is it possible to live an authentic and fulfilling life in a society that contradicts itself? How to be honest and upright when those who should be honest are not always or seek to disguise the truth to pretend what interests them most at that moment? What to do to avoid succumbing to the pressures of life?

What does it mean to be authentic?

We could say that being authentic is giving yourself permission to be yourself, assume the right to make mistakes and act in accordance with our values ​​and our goals. Being authentic means being honest, responsible and aware of yourself.

On authenticity, Wikipedia says it is a technical term used in psychology, as well as existentialist philosophy and aesthetics. In existentialism, authenticity is the degree to which one is true to one’s personality, spirit, or character, despite external pressures.

¿ What prevents us from living an authentic life?

There are some obstacles that prevent us from living an authentic life. These obstacles are ego, pride, guilt, inequalities, complexes, external influences, socio-economic factors, fear and lack of self-knowledge, among others. Social contradictions make it very difficult to overcome or minimize these obstacles .

Some ways to live an authentic life

– Define your fundamental values, as well as your mission or purpose in life, based on these values.

– Do not be carried away by the opinion that others have of you. Each one will think one thing. You only owe your loyalty to yourself, and it is your opinion of yourself that counts.

– Do not be afraid to act in accordance with what you say and what you think. Doing one thing and thinking another is letting yourself win out of fear.

– Always offer an honest opinion, regardless of what others think or say. Living an authentic life sometimes means going against the grain , delivering bad news, or simply being different.

– Accept your strengths and weaknesses, and work to improve them, being aware that perfection does not exist.

– Don’t believe everything you hear just because it’s easier that way. Always seek to get to the bottom of the truth, even if you have to ask difficult or uncomfortable questions to do so.

– Forgive quickly, others and yourself. The burden of guilt or resentment will not let you move forward and will make you lose focus.

– Be kind and compassionate, with others and with yourself.

Final thoughts

We all have a responsibility to be true to ourselves. Becoming an authentic person and living authentically in a contradictory world is an individual mission, different from person to person. Being authentic is an ongoing process that will last a lifetime.

Authenticity begins when the intention to be genuine is established, especially when personal values ​​have to face situations in which interested and manipulative behavior can occur and are strengthened. These are moments that amount, personally, to the cotton test. Thus, values ​​become ours when we have to pay a price for them in exchange for putting them into practice.

Next, there must be an awareness of what it looks and feels like, and a willingness to act according to one’s genuine nature, even when one feels vulnerable.

Although the seemingly intangible quality authenticity, its results have a very easy and clear translation to reality. According to one study, authentic people feel better, are more resilient and less likely to turn to self-destructive habits for comfort, and tend to be purposeful in their choices and more likely to meet their goals.

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