James Rhodes, Biography Of A Singular Artist

The publication of his autobiography marked a before and after for James Rhodes. It is entitled Instrumental, memories of music, medicine and madness . More than a story of his life, what was there was a confession and a catharsis. Also a way to denounce and repair, in part, the abuses of which he had been a victim as a child.

James Rhodes is characterized by his impressive musical talent on the piano, his resilience and his great ability to overcome traumatic experiences in childhood. His life is an example of both the gigantic effects of abuse, as well as the enormous healing power of art.

Only the sound of the piano managed, and still does today, to silence my inner noise .”

-James Rodhes-

The autobiography was about to be kept in a drawer forever. The ex-wife of James Rhodes opposed its publication, since in her opinion it could affect the son of the two. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court and publication was finally allowed .

The ruling stated in one of its sections: “ A person who has suffered the way the appellant has suffered and who has struggled to face the consequences of his suffering in the way he has fought has the right to speak to the world above all this ”.

James Rhodes, a raped child

James Rhodes seemed to have come to the world predestined to be happy and successful. He was the son of a prosperous Jewish marriage and was born in London on March 6, 1975. He went to study at a private school for wealthy children, the Arnold House School. Of him, it was obviously expected that he would be educated in the best fields and then succeed as much as his parents.

In his book, James Rhodes recounts that when he was about to turn 6, the boxing teacher took him to a room without windows. He had already earned her trust, with kind words and giving her matchboxes. That day, in that dark room at such an early age, he was raped for the first time.

The situation was repeated for the next five years. No one noticed. One of the teachers suspected that something was happening, but believed that it was physical and not sexual abuse. Anyway, he never reported it. The perpetrator threatened the child to shut up. He did so for 30 years. That is why it was crucial for James Rhodes that the Court allow him to publish his book.

Self destruction and madness

When James Rhodes was between 5 and 10 years old, the world still did not talk about the sexual abuse of minors, at least not openly. Much less when the victim was a boy and not a girl. Therefore, the central effect of the experience was to generate enormous feelings of guilt in Rhodes. He says that the event became “a stain” that he carried with him everywhere.

By the time he finished school, he was already a music fan. However, her family did not agree with her pursuing that career. So he finally studied to enter the business world. He married and became a successful and unhappy executive.

Meanwhile, James Rhodes also became addicted to drugs. He had five suicide attempts. He was forcibly admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Her marriage succumbed and she was forbidden from seeing her son.

He was also addicted to sex and injured himself with razor blades. He has said that it was shameful for him to have experienced an erection while crying with sadness, because he unconsciously associates tears with sex.

A new life

James Rhodes was a successful businessman and almost by chance ended up involved with a music producer. He, along with other people, noticed that in James there was an excellent musician. They helped him to polish his training, since he was a self-taught pianist.

Little by little, he became known in the musical field and, in a relatively short time, he achieved fame. Although for him, the important thing is not fame, but the fact that he has been able to dedicate himself completely to music. Many times, he has claimed, without hesitation, that Bach saved his life.

Today, Rodhes is a highly regarded musician, who already has seven albums on the market and a worldwide track record. He married again, and apparently this time he has had an excellent marriage. Ghosts of the past still haunt him from time to time, but no one will stop him from telling the world his pain.