Incest, Taboo And Recurrent Behavior

We are in the XXI century and incest continues to be a more or less frequent phenomenon . In fact, there are some countries where it is legal. Still, there are not many studies available on this. Most of the time we learn about these practices from the news and not from expert research.

At the same time that it is taboo for most Western societies, it continues to be practiced. The most recurrent cases are of fathers with daughters. Freud received countless patients in consultation who reported acts of incest with their parents, real and imagined. However, it also occurs between siblings and other relatives, and even between mothers and children.

In man there is 1% human and the rest is, let’s say, animal; this gives a high margin of impenetrable territory. Sexually, the human is the prohibition of incest, this has been said and it is true. But the rest?

-Alexandre Kojève-

It is an issue that, in any case, few want to talk . In general, it is repudiated. However, this does not mean it ceases to exist. And to the surprise of some, it does not always correspond to cases of abuse in the strict sense of the word. Several testimonies of consensual incest are known, and there are even groups that promote its legalization in countries like Switzerland.

The prohibition of incest

Science has shown that children who are the result of incestuous relationships are more likely to develop genetic frailty. Similar genetic patterns prevent hereditary traits from diversifying. This, finally, puts the species as a whole at risk since it biologically weakens individuals to survive. So, from a genetic point of view, incest is inconvenient for the human race.

Sigmund Freud established that incest is a basic impulse in the human being. In other words, we are born with the penchant for incestuous relationships. However, in the primitive hordes, where incest was not prohibited, indiscriminate sexual relations between all the members gave rise to indiscriminate violence. Males, in particular, resorted to homicide within their own group of relatives to maintain sexual access to females.

With the evolution of the family, the schemes of exogamy or sexual relations with individuals outside the parental group were imposed . Thanks to this basic order, social organizations were built in which their members are not systematically murdered. In addition, he promoted the evolution of the species, as well as the existence of culture: societies in which there are limits to what is allowed and what is prohibited. Symbolic and not just instinctive factors come into play in human relationships.

Incest in today’s world

In today’s world, we can distinguish two types of realities related to incest. On the one hand, there are the heinous abuses to which children are subjected, in various parts of the planet. Adults who failed to symbolize parental relationships, deceive or intimidate the children of their family to satisfy their sexual desires. Often they have been abused themselves.

On the other hand there are the so-called “consensual incests”. The story of a girl who met her father at age 17 and started an affair with him is famous, with the apparent consent of both parties. It is also known of brothers to whom the same thing has happened, of nephews with uncles and even of mothers with children.

The portal “El Nuevo día ” relates the case of a 30-year-old woman who began a romantic relationship with her father, as an adult. A psychologist indicates that: “he had a relationship with his father for about 10 years. He told me that it was a beautiful, transcendental experience, that he never hurt him and that he did not tell anyone because people would not understand. It had been a secret between them. In the evaluation she came out well, normal ”.

If we stick to Freud, we would say that culture is failing in its symbolic imposition of permissions and restrictions. In some human beings the animal of the horde triumphs and the concept of society fails. There is a lot of fabric to cut about it, but something should be clear. The sexual relationship between an adult and a child is a perversion, in any circumstance. And if the child is a relative, the consequences on his psychological life are even more dire. There are lines in this regard that should never be crossed.

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