Tag: Series And Psychology

The Pianist: Art Is Immortal

Art always echoes history, in fact, Miguel de Unamuno said that if we wanted to know the history of Spain, we should go to intrahistory. In other words, we should read the great literary works like Don Quixote and there we would find the true story. History as such, after all, is written by the

“the Truman Show” And The Awakening Of Consciousness

About twenty years after its production, “The Truman Show” (1998, Peter Weir) continues to be a pedagogical reference to deal with specific topics of philosophy and psychology. Using the media and symbols, this film clearly reflects a process as complex as the awakening of consciousness. Consciousness and consciousness, woven from the same thread To understand

Delicatessen: A Bizarre Delight

For many, the name Jean-Pierre Jeunet will always be associated with Amélie (2001). However, ten years before the premiere of the film that would make him known worldwide, he surprised critics and audiences with an extraordinary debut feature: Delicatessen (1991). Jeunet and his friend, Marc Caro, embarked on a difficult project to classify; a rare