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Uninhibited Social Relationship Disorder

The essential characteristic of Disinhibited Social Relationship Disorder involves socially inappropriate or inappropriate behavior in which there is usually more confidence implicit than would be expected from the type of relationship. This all-too-familiar behavior goes beyond the social limits of culture. At the time of diagnosis, it is not done before children are able to create

Psychophysiology: What Is It?

Psychophysiology is the branch of psychology related to the physiological bases of psychological processes. It is a discipline of psychobiology and the object of study is the human being. The goal of psychophysiology is the study of behavior and the processes that organize it. Specifically, it is the study of our somatic and physiological processes.

3 Escape Paths That Fuel Anguish

The human mind reacts in different ways to negative experiences with great impact. From blocking yourself to starting to spin a series of worrisome thoughts or, in some cases, creating an escape path to escape that unpleasant reality. The problem is that, most of the time, this flight, far from dissipating the anguish, strengthens and

The Value Of The Apology

There is not a day that passes without a politician apologizing or, more profusely, apologizing to his adversaries for their own actions or those of others, moody clients who demand attention and demand compensation for having felt mistreated, patients hurt by the actions of health personnel who He cares for him, athletes who publicly show