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Neuroscience Research Techniques

Research techniques in neuroscience are very important, especially if we take into account what we expect in the coming years of this science. Until not long ago, when neuroimaging techniques were just a dream, checking the reality of some theories about the nervous system was complicated / impossible. In 1988, the Spanish physician Santiago Ramón

7 Self-destructive Habits That You Must Eradicate

Habits are behaviors that are repeated over time. This repetition routine obeys a conditioning that we choose consciously or unconsciously. You will notice that there are healthy habits such as exercising, eating healthy or reading. But there are also pernicious and self-destructive habits. We will deal with this second group in this article. Self-destructive habits

The Heart Also Has Neurons

Although many may not believe it, the heart also feels, thinks and decides. It contains about 40,000 neurons and a whole network of neurotransmitters with very specific functions that make it, to our admiration, a perfect extension of our brain. Anne Maquier, mathematician and founder of the Quebec Institute for the Development of the Person,