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The Stress Of The Housewife

Stress itself is a topic that we could spend hundreds of pages on. However, there are sectors of the population that are especially sensitive to its stress effects. We will refer, in this case, to the stress of the housewife. Perhaps we think that the housewife, being a common occupation and working in the home

Uninhibited Social Relationship Disorder

The essential characteristic of Disinhibited Social Relationship Disorder involves socially inappropriate or inappropriate behavior in which there is usually more confidence implicit than would be expected from the type of relationship. This all-too-familiar behavior goes beyond the social limits of culture. At the time of diagnosis, it is not done before children are able to create

Self-help Groups: What Is Their Use?

Self-help groups, also known as mutual aid groups, are support networks that are formed to overcome a problem common to their members. Currently there are many types and they work practically all over the world. The first reference to self-help groups dates from 1905  at the Massachusetts General Hospital, located in Boston (USA). Their creator,

Bipolar Disorder In Children

Have you observed that your child experiences too intense moods? Do you have extreme changes in behavior? Do you have very sad periods and are suddenly very enthusiastic and exaggerated at times? If these types of behaviors occur permanently over time and are part of the daily routine, your child may suffer from bipolar disorder.