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The Psychological Writings Of John Stuart Mill

John Stuart Mill (1806 -1873) was an English philosopher, politician and economist representative of the classical economic school and theorist of utilitarianism. This ethical approach is proposed by his godfather Jeremy Bentham. Mill profoundly influenced the shape of 19th century British political thought and discourse. The doctrine of utilitarianism defended by John Stuart Mill accepts

The Heart Also Has Neurons

Although many may not believe it, the heart also feels, thinks and decides. It contains about 40,000 neurons and a whole network of neurotransmitters with very specific functions that make it, to our admiration, a perfect extension of our brain. Anne Maquier, mathematician and founder of the Quebec Institute for the Development of the Person,

Uninhibited Social Relationship Disorder

The essential characteristic of Disinhibited Social Relationship Disorder involves socially inappropriate or inappropriate behavior in which there is usually more confidence implicit than would be expected from the type of relationship. This all-too-familiar behavior goes beyond the social limits of culture. At the time of diagnosis, it is not done before children are able to create

Psychophysiology: What Is It?

Psychophysiology is the branch of psychology related to the physiological bases of psychological processes. It is a discipline of psychobiology and the object of study is the human being. The goal of psychophysiology is the study of behavior and the processes that organize it. Specifically, it is the study of our somatic and physiological processes.