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Keep Calm In The Middle Of The Crisis

Staying calm in the middle of a crisis is essential to think clearly and so that negative emotions do not influence decision-making; decision making that can be highly critical in this type of situation. Burden and despair can be poor advisers when it comes to acting with precision, efficiency and intelligence. However, calm allows you

How To Help A Person With Cancer?

When a person suffers from cancer, they suffer a strong emotional impact. Their social and work functioning can be deeply affected and this discomfort can spread to their family and friends. In general, the person usually goes through a period of uncertainty and fear, without knowing how to act. The initial diagnosis of an oncological

7 Self-destructive Habits That You Must Eradicate

Habits are behaviors that are repeated over time. This repetition routine obeys a conditioning that we choose consciously or unconsciously. You will notice that there are healthy habits such as exercising, eating healthy or reading. But there are also pernicious and self-destructive habits. We will deal with this second group in this article. Self-destructive habits