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The Stress Of The Housewife

Stress itself is a topic that we could spend hundreds of pages on. However, there are sectors of the population that are especially sensitive to its stress effects. We will refer, in this case, to the stress of the housewife. Perhaps we think that the housewife, being a common occupation and working in the home

The Pianist: Art Is Immortal

Art always echoes history, in fact, Miguel de Unamuno said that if we wanted to know the history of Spain, we should go to intrahistory. In other words, we should read the great literary works like Don Quixote and there we would find the true story. History as such, after all, is written by the

Guilty Pleasure Or The Art Of Letting Go

“Enjoy life without comparing it with that of others” -Condorcet- Those who are not closely related to the world of television fiction, will not know the term “guilty pleasure”. The exact translation in Spanish is β€œ guilty pleasure ”. But what does this paradoxical expression describe? The word “pleasure” is described as a feeling of

Keep Calm In The Middle Of The Crisis

Staying calm in the middle of a crisis is essential to think clearly and so that negative emotions do not influence decision-making; decision making that can be highly critical in this type of situation. Burden and despair can be poor advisers when it comes to acting with precision, efficiency and intelligence. However, calm allows you

How To Help A Person With Cancer?

When a person suffers from cancer, they suffer a strong emotional impact. Their social and work functioning can be deeply affected and this discomfort can spread to their family and friends. In general, the person usually goes through a period of uncertainty and fear, without knowing how to act. The initial diagnosis of an oncological

The Psychological Writings Of John Stuart Mill

John Stuart Mill (1806 -1873) was an English philosopher, politician and economist representative of the classical economic school and theorist of utilitarianism. This ethical approach is proposed by his godfather Jeremy Bentham. Mill profoundly influenced the shape of 19th century British political thought and discourse. The doctrine of utilitarianism defended by John Stuart Mill accepts

Family, Today I Understand Mistakes Better And I Value Successes More

Do you feel that you do not understand with your family? Even though you can’t stand it, can’t you live without it? Sometimes, you come to feel like the black sheep for being different, not following what is established, having different values ​​and principles. However, although it makes you very angry to have arguments over