Are You Flying With Your Ideal Travel Companion?

One of the most beautiful phrases about love was the one pronounced by the great Pablo Neruda when he said “in a kiss, you will know everything that I have kept silent.” Do you think there is someone in your life worthy of such words? Maybe yes, that’s why we propose to do a simple test today to find out if you are traveling with your ideal travel companion.

After all, one of the most famous comparisons in the world is to say that life is like a journey. It is clear that any getaway, if done in good company, is much more fun and enjoyable. But if it is done with the person you love, it can be wonderful.

The test to know if you fly with your ideal travel companion

Without going into specific reasons, it is evidence that most of us tend to mate. However, it is not always the best solution. Sometimes we don’t know ourselves well enough. Others, we have a tendency to look for someone for the simple fact of not feeling lonely. All this leads us to relationships that end up sinking.

Over time, inappropriate relationships lead to unpleasant situations of loneliness, pain, misunderstanding or discomfort. A bill that is not always easy to pay and has complex digestion.

That is why Borja Vilaseca, an expert in personal development, proposes us to put the theory of the four Cs into practice. In this case it is a simple compatibility test. However, this questionnaire will provide us with great information about our affinity with a person or partner.

In any case, such a test will not work if it is not carried out in a framework of deep understanding. So first of all, make sure you are in a calm and thoughtful state. Only then will you accurately gauge your emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical affinity with another person.

The four C’s compatibility test

To find out if we fly with the ideal travel companion, we are going to observe what the four Cs consist of. So, we start this adventure in search of intimate affinity with the loved one. Give a sincere answer to each one or you will get the result of your relationship with the person you love.


The first C is related to physical compatibility. In this primal and instinctive stage, we have to discover what reactions are produced in the brain around sexual arousal. But keep in mind that we can not only stay with the initial sensations. It is good that the desire is prolonged in time. Hence, the quality and quantity of all encounters in bed must be analyzed to see if there is real chemistry.

“Never forget that the first kiss is not given with the mouth, but with the eyes”

-OK Bernhardt-


A second C focuses on emotional compatibility. In this case it is related to the affection and affection existing in the couple. If there is close communication and the simple presence of the other makes your day, you are well connected. As time goes by, you still enjoy the silences, the hugs, the smells and the caresses.


We now go to the third C, related to intellectual compatibility. It does not mean that you have to think the same, but it does mean that there is complicity. In reality, a strong couple has a friendship at its foundation, which in turn is built on trust. That is why a couple is someone with whom to share joys, express regrets and have common concerns and interests. It is not necessary to always agree, but affinity is necessary on certain topics and tastes.

“To love is not only to love, it is above all to understand”

-Fran├žoise Sagan-


Finally, we find the fourth C, which is related to spiritual compatibility. How do you observe your existence? Do you have dreams and aspirations? Where are your goals heading? It is clear that an ideal travel companion should go in the same direction as you. For this reason, it is important that you share motivations, needs and a framework of coexistence and common personal growth.

So, by way of conclusion, a couple must have love as the main ingredient. Afterwards, this compatibility test can be useful to know the rest of the aspects that govern the relationship. If you identify yourself positively in all of them, you are probably with your ideal travel companion. Take care of your world and enjoy the experience.


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