Alicia Lardé And John Nash, A Love That Defied Everything

John Nash’s name needs no introduction: his life story was made famous through the film An amazing mind. On the contrary, almost nobody knows who Alicia Lardé, his wife, was.This brave woman was not only fundamental in Nash’s life, but also proved with facts that love is stronger than everything.

Alicia Lardé is also due a change in the perception of schizophrenia. His relationship with Nash showed that the secrets to get out of the abyss into which this disorder plunges people has more to do with affection and constructive relationships, than with medicines and hospital treatments.

Although the film was true to life in several respects, it also introduced some elements of fiction. The film did not reflect the brutal struggle that this couple had to face, led by Alicia Lardé, to overcome not only Nash’s disorder, but also that of their son, John Charles Martin Nash.

I have searched through the physical, the metaphysical, the delusional, … and start over. And I have made the most important discovery of my career, the most important of my life. Only in the mysterious equations of love can any logic be found”.

-John Nash-

Who was Alice Lardé

Alicia Lardé was born in San Salvador (El Salvador), in 1933.Came from a familyvery prestigious, full of prestigious intellectual figures. His father was a doctor and one of his aunts was a famous poet. The family settled in the United States when Alicia was just a child. He went to a very exclusive Catholic college in New York and then went on to study physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

It was the 1950s and she was one of the few women who studied this science. At the Institute where he was pursuing his career, John Nash was a professor who was spoken of with particular admiration. He had become famous for his feat of obtaining a doctorate at age 22, from the famous Pricenton University.

In several interviews, Alicia Lardé said that she found Nash very attractive from the first time she saw him in class. He was young, blond, and cool in his area, which was why he was immediately drawn to her. Nash, for his part, was also attracted to the exotic beauty of the Salvadoran, who was also one of the few women in graduating in physics, at that time.

A marriage with vicissitudes

Alicia Lardé and John Nash were married in 1957 and shortly thereafter the first symptoms of the disease began to appear. schizophrenia that already afflicted the genius. She became pregnant very early, while Nash’s behavior became increasingly difficult.. At last,in 1959 the situation became so serious that he had to be admitted to McLean Hospital.

It was then that he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and subjected to the treatments of the time, including electroshock.Nash spent two months in the hospital and when he was released he resigned from his teaching position at MIT; Likewise, he abandoned his wife and newborn son and went to Europe. There he starred in several extreme episodes, as he believed that there was a worldwide plot led by the Pope.

He then returned to the United States and for several years was in and out of various psychiatric institutions. Alicia Lardé felt that she could no longer deal with this situation and the couple divorced in 1963. Nash went to live with his mother, until 1968, when she died.

A very strong love

After his mother’s death, Nash was left completely helpless . So Alice welcomed him back into her home, because he knew that otherwise he would end up begging in the streets. There began a very difficult stage, but also exultant and full of revelations for the couple. Alicia Lardé thought that her husband needed, above all, love, understanding and acceptance. He was not wrong.

For several years, she took the reins of the home. He worked to support the family in almost every way and taking responsibility for Jhon’s enormous dependence. Her work as a programmer and data analyst allowed them all to survive for about 30 years. Meanwhile, Nash alternated periods of lucidity with other more critical periods.

In the early 1990s, Nash slowly began to recover. Then came the Nobel Prize in economics in 1994. John became more and more lucid and little by little he was able to stop taking drugs. The couple remarried in 2001. They lived several years of great happiness, until they had a traffic accident in 2015 and died together.