5 Techniques To Reduce Negativity

Each of us is responsible for the degree of inner peace and happiness that we can achieve. Sometimes this truth is difficult to understand, because we tend rather to recreate our misfortunes and to blame external factors for our suffering.

Much of our peace and happiness escape through the subtle ways of negativity. All those thoughts and feelings that feed sadness, anguish and all self-destructive postures are defined as “negativity”.

There is nothing bad or good in itself, it is our thinking that transforms it


We hardly ever become aware of the way we approach life. We get used to a perspective and assume it to be correct, but we don’t often question it. If we did, we would discover that a focus full of negativity is the basis of much of our suffering. However, this can change. Here we give you 5 techniques to get you out of those mental prisons.

Do not judge, do not criticize, do not condemn to eradicate negativity

When you criticize, judge and condemn others, you are actually carrying a weapon that sooner or later will turn against you. First, because seeing negativity in others is nothing more than a projection of what you carry inside. In other words, the tendency to put others on the stand dreams of signifying great discontent with oneself.

Second, feeding that dislike towards others nurtures your anger, your feeling of being in a bad, ugly, threatening world. All this sets up a picture that only contributes to depressing you and making you feel worse and worse.

Take responsibility for those kinds of thoughts. Do not allow them. Try to see the best in each person and in each situation. Almost without realizing it, you will notice that you begin to feel more relaxed and less oppressed. In a word, that you achieved greater peace.

Drive away negative ideas

It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible either. We almost always fill ourselves up with negativity in a mechanical way. Depressing or hateful thoughts come to our mind and we are not aware of it. We simply unleash those approaches and see them as reasonable because we haven’t really questioned them.

To reduce negativity, you need to fight negative thoughts. Something like “setting the alarm” and being attentive to those moments when sad, anxious or angry ideas come to our mind. Once we realize it, try to eradicate them by looking for new perspectives to focus on that same idea.

Eliminate the habit of ruminating on useless ideas

Unconsciously we tend to “ruminate” on thoughts and feelings that contribute little to us. In this case, “ruminating” means going back over and over the same thing without giving a way out or resolution. Like when you remember over and over an affront, but never do something about it. You try to move away but you feel that a law similar to gravity is pushing you back to the same place.

Any insidious idea that turns into a recurring one is negative for you; to get rid of it, you can bring that idea to consciousness and try new perspectives from which to contemplate it. Think that you will feel much lighter when you stop turning over and over on the same thing.

Avoid Toxic Intellectual Products

That we are mercilessly bombarded with information is no secret to anyone. Every day we expose ourselves to more data and news than we can assimilate. That alone is very aggressive. But the worst thing is that a lot of the information we receive is just garbage.

The newscasts, in particular, are full of information cut, processed and exposed with a purpose beyond that of informing. Basically they show you the worst in the world and people, because that’s what they consider “news.”

This invades you with negativity, although at first you do not perceive it. You end up thinking that the world is a threatening and horrible place, when in reality it is not, that is simply the part that they show you. There are many more people who do not harm, than who do, but they are not “news.”

Keep music, movies, programs, readings and all those products that dirty your heart away from you. Rather, surround yourself with good cultural products and you will notice that your idea of ​​reality acquires a much more accurate criterion.

Open your mind wide

The prejudices may give you a false sense of security. After all, having the world deciphered and understood beforehand is a way of assuming that you have more control over your circumstances. However, a prejudice takes much more from you than it gives you, especially when that prejudice is full of negativity.

Opening your mind means being awake and attentive to knowing. It involves giving up certainties and allowing reality to surprise you in return. It may make you feel insecure, but it brings a lot of excitement to your life in the long run. In part it is like being a child again and recovering a piece of that innocence that involves participating in an experience for the first time.

Think that in the end it is up to you the level that the negativity reaches, just as it is up to you to determine to what extent this negativity becomes hopeless. It is in your hands to begin an interior renovation that places you in a more certain place and right in front of the world.

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