How Does Eye Contact Work?

There is a Spanish saying that ensures that “the look is the mirror of the soul.” And it is that with eye contact we can teach others how we feel, both physically and emotionally. What’s more, through our gaze we can also create a closer bond with the person with whom we are talking, making

Obsessive Personality Disorder

The truth is that in our society, or at least in a good part of it, styles of behavior that favor dedication to work and highly productive results are valued and reinforced. Qualities such as being a perfectionist, meticulous, organized and competent are highly valued in the work environment and the people who represent them tend

Why We Like Bad Boys

We know that bad boysThey are not good, they will bring us almost nothing positive, they will hurt us, etc. However,a kind of masochistic instinct is unleashed every time we see them, and they are totally irresistible to us. The chemistry is not the same with them, there is risk, there is intensity, there is